Saturday, June 13, 2009


Wednesday, June 03, 2009


A thought can send
An energy bubble
All the way
To the other side
Of the Universe.
What thoughts
Will you choose
To think?


What is it you believe in?
Do you believe?
Or do you
By requests, from now on I am going to render these images at 1280 x 1024 - if you click the image above, you will find it is big enough for your desktop.
I'd like to thank those that have commented in the past month or so - Rodel, Blanca, Gabriela, Shawn, Maria, Yahaira Valverde. I am sorry I did not respond right away. I'd like to say that your words have warmed my heart so much; the things you say touch me, and it brings me great happiness to know that you find within these images something that means something to you. I hope they take you to a familiar place.
En Español para mis amigos de habla Español - Yo tengo gustar de agradecer los que han comentado en el último mes o tan - Rodel, Blanca, Gabriela, Shawn, Maria, Yahaira Valverde. Lo siento que no respondí enseguida. Yo tengo gustar de decir que sus palabras han calentado mi corazón tanto; las cosas que usted dice me tocan, y me trae gran felicidad para saber que usted encuentra dentro de estas imágenes algo que significa algo a usted. Espero que le lleven a un lugar familiar. (Utilicé un traductor. Perdóneme por favor para cualquier error.)