Saturday, May 31, 2008

080531-248 c & b


(I couldn't decide which colors to use so I posted both of them!)

I haven't made a fractal in more than a year. Those that know me in the fractal community know that I tend to come and go. The bad thing about this is that after a long time has passed without making a fractal, I tend to forget methods, not to mention that I come back to the community to learn there are all sorts of new toys for me to tinker with that I have no idea how to use. So, I encounter another learning curve, and it's looking fairly steep right now. I thank the fractal community for their unselfish sharing of tips and tricks to get me through this learning phase again.

I owe a big thanks to those who have visited this blog and left comments in the past year. I apologize that I haven't responded to the comments; I've neglected this blog terribly. My intentions at this point are to slowly reemerge back into the community and onto this blog, to begin learning all the new bells and whistles that have been introduced to this software since I left. For what it matters, I did not leave intentionally. Life, in all its mysterious ways, has interrupted me.

I've been rendering these fractals with a computer I once thought was pretty fast. But when someone requested a larger size for their business, I realized just how slow my computer really is. I'm happy to say that a few nights ago I ordered 4GB of memory from Dell. It should be arriving either today (Saturday) or Monday. I imagine that once I install this memory, I'll once again be prolific.