Thursday, June 12, 2008


In approximately one hour I will be 30 years old. As if for effect, the universe thought it would be funny that I turn 30 on Friday the 13th. Ouch.

The bad news is, I could only make one fractal tonight, in spite of sitting here for two or three hours trying to make more. Something about the prospect of turning 30 has given me artist's block.


mexican heatwave said...

happy birthday!

my emails been doing all kinds of strange things again so i'll leave my gifts here for you. hope it sparks a few neuro transmitters until i figure out what's up with my account.

culture is your operating system

holy mountain trailer

as above as below

spotworks 165 star oasis

spotworks Kunstformen der Natur Black Dub Excerpt




Robert Seidel website download Grau

Robert Seidel website download Phyletic Museum

Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound (Part 1 of 3)

have a nice evening and i'll talk again soon, i've got a few uncanny coincidences to point out. seems to be a recurring theme!

Wontar said...

Happy Birthday! (Ya dang kid.) ;P

Intergalactic Stacey said...

Hi G.,

The art in the Culture OS short was interesting.

Holy Mountain - And I thought A Clockwork Orange was strange!

As Above So Below - A lot of sacred geometry!

Spotworks - I wonder if this is Scott Draves. These are animated Apophysis fractals. I've only made two since 2005 but have been thinking about making another. They are quite hypnotic and make for great digital meditation.

I'll watch some of the others later. One common topic that seems to stand out amongst these is the fact that beautiful patterns can emerge out of chaos.

Intergalactic Stacey said...

Thanks, Wontar! Sometimes I still feel like a kid. :)

mex said...

youre absolutely right about the spotworks, just came accross scott draves work recently, he's done a dvd which looks quite interesting.

i would also advise downloading both of robert seidels films, in fact most of his work is available to download in excellent quality from his site. grau is an incredible piece, a shoal of laserbeams precedes a series of dark and intense morphogenetic studies of the subconscious, very beautiful. his projections of evolving organic forms onto the exterior of the phyletic museum are mesmerising.

also i just came accross a program called xaos, you might well be using it already but if you haven't seen it in action you should check it out. its freeware and you can do live zooms choosing your own path in realtime in to a whole range of different fractal forms, you need a lot of ram for this, more than i have! but my friend has a beast of a machine and an hdtv which made things even more stunning.

if you can find a copy of the holy mountain i strongly advise giving it a watch, it's quite a bizarre piece of work but several of Alexandro Jadorowsky's films are truly original creations, the other clip you watched from the film renegade/blueberry (vincent cassel falling through endless dimensions of crocodiles, snakes, bejeweled pyramids and holographic data-streams) was written and designed by Moebius (Jean Giraud)who also wrote several graphic novels with Jadorowsky and was working with him (and H.R. Giger) on an adaptation of Dune back in the seventies, i suspect the world of cinema really missed out on something spectacular when that film didn't materialise.

Intergalactic Stacey said...

One thing is for sure, programs such as Xaos that let you zoom into fractals can provide hours of zooming fun. There are some applets online that zoom into fractals. The first one I tried a couple years ago was a mandelbrot.

You seem to enjoy these types of images. If you've got a lot of patience and don't mind taking some time to learn the software, I think you'd make a great fractal artist. Another piece of software that I used to use was Ultra Fractal. Maybe someday I'll get back into it but I seem to be able to produce more unique images with Apophysis.

I don't know for sure, but I have a strange feeling you might like the movie "The Fountain".

When I have more time, I'll check out the films that you've recommended.

mex said...

yes the fountain was visually stunning, i'll need to dig out a sitelink to the artist who created the visual effects (the shimmering oil-in-water surrounding the orb), some of the videos on his site are excellent.

Intergalactic Stacey said...

Jeremy Dawson and Dan Schrecker? (Found these names in the Wikipedia.)

The Wiki states that the director wanted to use as little computer-generated imagery as possible so that the movie wouldn't look outdated in the future.

Speaking of the director, a few years ago I won the Requiem for a Dream sweepstakes and got a t-shirt, movie poster signed by both the author and director, and the book signed by the author and director. (Author - Hubert Selby, Jr., Director - Darren Aronofsky.) You'd probably like that movie, too, as well as π.

jim said...

Wonderfully intellectual comments back here Stacey, I wish I had the wherewithal to appreciate them even more than I do.

I came back here only to comment on the stunning colors in the fractal of this post, when I scroll down to it I am snapped into a mood or trance that corresponds to something I can't even get my mind around, be it something old or new I don't know, but it, the forms too but strongly the colorations, transports me into another moment of time.

Intergalactic Stacey said...


What you talkin' 'bout?! You're one of the most intellectual people I know. Sometimes you're so intellectual that you're WAY over my head. I just like to pretend that I'm an intellectual. :) Sometimes I don't do such a good job. I'm just a thinker thinking simple thoughts.

Fractals are a good and safe way to get into a legal trance. :)

jim said...

Stacey, I have always known that Art is a legal high, and I have always adored that feelin'.

mex said...

hi stacey,

i've been going in some really interesting directions with the various evolving strands of my research and i'm now considering a series of art projects which you might find interesting and there's one in particular i hope you may even wish to get involved with in some way. i'll get a new mail account set up tonight and send through a full message shortly with more details of the projects and some links to some interesting material i've discovered since the last time i was in touch.

pi and requiem for a dream were both strong films, i found the latter particularly gut wrenching the first time i saw it but all the more praise is due for it's ability to draw that reaction both in spite of and in places as a result of its hollywood veneer. lilya forever is probably the only other drama featurelength that i can recall having made quite the same impact upon me on first viewing.

detouring from the film chat i've recently been learning about the birth of the internet, permaculture, entheogens, the singularity, memetics...

have you discovered any areas of thought that have sent you on new tangents recently?