Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Whorles of Organic Growth

Thanks to Goatman for naming this fractal!


goatman said...

Whorles of organic growth?
You should tempt others to name these.

Intergalactic Stacey said...

That would be an excellent title for this piece.

I had such a difficult time naming the fractals that I eventually gave up and just started using their numbers. Also, using their numbers makes it easy to identify the respective fractal in the directory on the computer. Apophysis (the software) numbers them like this - year month day number - so for example, a fractal made today would be numbered like this - "070131-1", where the number "1" could change depending on the number of fractals I've made throughout the day.

I'd love it if others could help name them for the blog. In fact, I think I'm going to borrow your name for this one and put it in the title. Thanks!