Tuesday, September 05, 2006


ID# 060905-2


Anonymous said...

All your fractals are so colorful and captivating.

I normally don't comment as anonymous, but since I updated to BETA blogger, I cannot comment on non-BETA blogger blogs using my blogger identity.


jim said...

This is 'kick-ass' if I may say so, look at the contrast between the centers, tremendous feeling contrasted, great texture contrast between them, feeling it in the eye looking at it. The strong rich color reinforces the contrast and the power of the centers' force between themselves, called in are 'tension' by which a work lives. It is a 'dialogue', the tension is the two areas engaging each other continuously, never stopping, if you want to rest from the conversation you can retreat to the sidelines, that is good art, a place to rest while you witness a powerful conversation. Magnificent Stacey, super Girl.

jim said...

I have to say more about this piece.

Each center, each has great interest by the amt of close-in details, many details of action, texture, direction, character, and the two are equally powerful in this, but very different in their detail, in their 'position' as they dialogue with each other.

Also, each center and its detail 'fans-out', the detail moves outward from its self and influences the surrounding common territory of the discussion, this makes for 'involvement' for the viewer, who stands on the edges inside the frame and 'listens' to the discussion.

Powerful piece Stacey, beautiful color, the color enhances this dialogue and power, it contributes by glow, richness, brightness, sheer contrasts of hue, and the many values that are taken as the color moves thru the whole pieces.

Great art Stacey.

Oliviah said...

This one is really captivating. It's great to have you back!!