Wednesday, September 06, 2006


ID# 060906-1


TotalChaos said...

WooHoo, love the pushed colors and swirls on this one

jim said...

You got some great 'drapery effects' going on in this one, Stacey, match up to any old masters, like Ingres drapery folds and arrangements, terrific looking piece. The colors and action are fine too.

goatman said...

So you've gone commercial. Congratulations.
The "Apo" program is a great tool and you create some nice results with it.
If I may ask this of you: I am seeking moving fractals for a client to use on a rather large-screen monitor when it is not being used for other things. These fractals would not be static but would show the fractal picture growing, developing and changing in an endless changing loop.
If you run across such in your travels to other fractalists please let me know.

serenity said...

Beautiful images!!! I am just starting on my journey with fractals, having just done one so far, and you are an inspiration of where I hope to go!!! Just lovely!!

jim said...

Just to say hi. Don't answer, ain't necessary, take care.

kathy said...

Wow! Beautiful work Stacey :) i tried fractals once and didn't succeed. maybe i didn't try hard enough.

jim said...

Hello Stacey.

TotalChaos said...

Just stopping in to say Hi. Hope you can put more up soon.

Anonymous said...

Aha, found you and your art again - I'm pleased about that, I do enjoy your fractal work.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stacey, just checking in. Love the new work, look forward to checking back here regularly.


Enemy of the Republic said...

I must learn how to do this.

The Lone Beader said...

I really love the colors on this one. These would make great psychedlic album art:)

jim said...

Beautiful and amazing artwork Stacey. I am worrying a little bit, as usual.

Meredith said...

Your work has evolved and you are getting some wonderful results. Are you still using Apo? Do you use any additions to this program to get the results we see here?

Very curious,

Fractal Rock said...

Hi Totalchaos,

Well, it's months later, what can I say... an apology, maybe. :) I've been incommunicado for a while, but I am making plans to get back in the business. Thanks for the comment. Hope to visit your blog soon.

Hi Jim,

Always good to hear from you. Hope things in Texas are going well, and that the weather hasn't been too gloomy like it's been here. As usual, I always appreciate your comments. It's nice to get an artist's perspective on my work. I hope you've been producing some stuff!

Hi Goatman,

Yes, I've gone about as commercial as possible. I just went today to the local flea market to check into booth rental costs. I'm thinking about setting up a permanent booth to sell my stuff. I'm going to try it for one month to see how it goes. If it's not successful, I won't be stuck in any lease agreements. It's nice the way it works. Only $120 a month plus 2% commissions goes to the landlord. Did you ever get that moving fractal you were looking for?

Hi Serenity,

Thanks. I'm excited about seeing your work. In fact, I'm headed over to your blog now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. By the way, the photograph of you on your blog is beautiful.


You know the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." And of course, the famous "Practice makes perfect." It took a lot of patience to get where I am now, practically months and months of exploring and practicing. You can do it!


Hi there. Hope you're still around. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I hope to get back into the game of making more fractals soon, so that you'll have new pieces to look at. Do stop by again!

Enemy of the Republic,

Check out my comment to Kathy. It CAN be done! If you start making them, I'd love for you to point me to your art. I'd like to see them!

The Lone Beader,

I do have to agree with you. As a matter of fact, somewhere on my page I advertise using my art as album covers. I'd love to see that happen someday!


I just sent you an email, but here is a copy of it for the comments section: Hi Meredith,

Thank you for the very kind comment. I did use Apo to make all the images you see on my page. I've been taking a break from making images for a while. I do that sometimes. I'll have a real strong phase where I produce loads of images, and then my creativy runs out and I stop making them, only to pick it up again months later. I don't use any other program to adjust the images. I output into a jpeg file and then print using Wal-Mart's photo lab.

Thanks again for stopping by. It was a pleasure to receive your note.