Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm only posting this image temporarily while I try to get some information on what's causing the black holes to appear in the image. I've had this happen several times on some of my fractals.


Dzeni said...

The black holes are caused by the "spherical" variant. You may wish to edit this number in the variations tab and make it smaller to try and get rid of the holes. Sometimes shifting the relevant triangle a little can help. That's my guess anyway.

Its still a very nice piece. I like it a lot.

Tom Bailey said...

This is very interesting still. I feel very relaxed looking at this.

What does that mean?

beadbabe49 said...

wonderful work, stacey...thanks to goatman for pointing the way!

Intergalactic Stacey said...

Hi Dzeni,

I'm going to give that a try today. Yesterday I tried decreasing the spherical variant on transform number one. Today I'll try two and three. (I have three transforms, plus a final transformation enabled.) It's difficult to do because the holes don't show up in the preview image, so I won't know what size the holes will be until after I've rendered the image.

I haven't, however, tried shifting the triangle, so I will give that a try, too.

Thanks for all your input on this. I really do appreciate it. It's nice when fractal artists stick together. As a team we can accomplish many things. :)

Intergalactic Stacey said...

Hi Tom,

It's so nice to see you here!

I think you must be like me when it comes to fractals. I also feel very relaxed when looking at some of them. I'm not for sure what it means, but I definitely enjoy it. :)

Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you again soon.

Intergalactic Stacey said...

Hi Beadbabe49,

Thanks for your visit. It's always pleasant to see a new face. Goatman deserves a big thanks because I see I'm getting new visitors from his page.

I'm off to visit your blog, now! said...


In competition with upper glacier moulins, Astronomy Picture of the Day, and the rest of the universe, they are to my visual senses what flawless reasoning is to my mind's neurons.

Thank you.